Wednesday 18 June 2014

5 reasons it's going rather well in Brazil

So despite all the naysayers and the doom and the gloom, it's all going rather well in Brazil (apart from possibly last night's game against Mexico).

1. The stadia all look truly magnificent and finished! And certainly architecturally a hell of a lot better than London's Olympic Stadium (or Wembley for that matter), which in the history of Olympic Stadia was by far and away the worst.

2. There appears to be very little rioting and although the BBC tried really hard to find some rioters, the best they've done so far is about 300 people in Sao Paulo - that's in a city of 20 million.

3. All one hears from supporters is how wonderful and warm and generous and welcoming Brazilian people are :)

4. The BBC and ITV commentary teams seem to have a permanent grin on their faces as they sit in their purpose built studio at the end of Copacabana. It's a grin which says, wow a month in Rio and I'm getting paid, and it's nothing like all those horrific documentaries I watched about Brazil before I came.

5. And finally the dullard football commentators have realised that Brazil is the size of America and it's winter there, and in the South they are not going to melt away. A commonly held misconception I give you and one that was that highlighted in a Brazilian Bar in London where I watched the opening game:

Overheard chat-up line from pasty white Englishman to hot Brazilian girl: "You can see those Croatians really can't take the heat like you Brazilians, look how they're sweating!".

Hot Brazilian Girl: "But it's 15 degrees in Sao Paulo today, colder than London".

Really stupid persistent Englishman: "No but Brazil is really, really hot".

Hot Brazilian Girl: (No reply, she'd walked away).

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